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     Pakistan Maritime Security Agency was established on 1st January 1987 for enforcement of national and international laws, policies and conventions at sea....  more

Area Of Responsibility

     PMSA area of responsibility extends from coastline to seaward and covers all maritime zones of Pakistan.... more

Legal Powers of PMSA

     To facilitate effective accomplishment of the tasks as well as other additional tasks such as anti smuggling, anti narcotics and eradication of illegal fishing.... more




"To assert and enforce national jurisdiction and sovereignty in the maritime zones in order to regulate and protect maritime interests of Pakistan"



Pictorial View of Operational Activities



HQs Maritime Security Agency, Plot No 34-A, Dockyard Road, Karachi

Email Address: hqmsa @ cyber.net.pk, Operations Room +92-21-9214624

 Emergency Toll free  Number 1331,  Fax  +92-21-9214625